Amazing Tablet For Hosts - where to advertise it?

Hi Guys
We have just launched a new tablet that we think AirBnB guests will love.

We think it will make hosting a lot more fun and definitely help hosts improve their review scores and their visibility on AirBnB.

Any advice on the best place to advertise this?

I just love businesses who advertise their product as “amazing” without offering any specifics to it’s “amazingness”. Why would we suggest where to advertise it when you have not even explained to us why it does that’s so amazing?

What does it do? What does it cost? What percentage of them get stolen?

Hey everyone,

I’m following up to Firdaus’ earlier post to show you our tablet - the best place to check it out is on our website.

In short, it is a dedicated portal for guests where they can access:

  • video and text guides to your property
  • local area information and what’s on guides
  • on-demand services (taxis, babysitters, takeaway food etc)
  • web browser

We will replace it if it gets lost or stolen - so there is no risk.

There’s no up-front payment, it’s a subscription service and we’re constantly improving the product.

Hope that makes sense - please let me know if you have any questions.

It still reminds me of the tellsell / amazing discoveries tv shows where a guy called “Mike” sold all kinds of “Amazing” crap.

The stupid thing is I still can remember some of those things.