Am I overlooking anything with trying to set this specific rate?

For Thanksgiving I have a 1 week minimum. I really don’t care which 7 days someone take over the holiday. I want the weekly rate to be $1800. Since it looks like Air prorates, then I would need to set a weekly rate of $1800 for the week before, after, and of Thanksgiving - in order to ensure that I get the full $1800?? No?

The reason I ask is because I received a week long booking over Christmas through Flipkey. I had the 23rd - 30th set to have a 1 week minimum at a specific rate. Well the guest put in a booking request for the 20- 27th. That is fine with me, but for the first three days it prorated the weekly rate with my base rate. I explained to the guest my intention was that any date in that range would require a 7 night minimum with a specified weekly rate. Thankfully he was fine with paying a bit more.

Is there any other way around this? Last year I had specific weeks set for Christmas and New Year’s. Both groups had to check in on a Saturday. Because of the way the holidays fall this year, I am open to different dates but still need to get my weekly rate.

No I can’t see any way around. However you could put $257 per night for a specific date period eg 20th to 30th but you might end up with bookings which cross over the cheaper and more expensive period. On the plus side, you might rent your place for more than just 7 nights at the higher price. Eg 2 bookings 15 to 23 and 23rd to 31st. I’m probably not telling you anything you don’t know!

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I do appreciate the feedback though. Dilemmas, decisions…lol. Someone hurry and book Thanksgiving…dammit!! :smile: Then I can price the surrounding dates accordingly.