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Am I just very lucky?


It’s kind of like Obama. He is half white, half black…so is he really the first “real” Black American president? Or would Americans not have voted for him if his skin was darker? Have we had our first Black American president yet?


Shocked you haven’t heard of it TBH commonly used in the UK unfortunately.


I agree 100% . Most of my bad guests were from US. And older population are much worse than young people. I had only once British couple who I asked to leave as he was a total psycho , was yelling and screaming from the minute he walked into the house about everything. He then was trying to get refund but he d Dridn’t get any.
And then Indian family. But other than that my unfortunate experiences came from my fellow Americans .


True. Children’s books in Australia can say ‘bum’ but when printed in the US have to say ‘fanny’ which has an entirely different meaning in Australia.


What does it mean to only be interested in recycles that have deposits?


Oh that is so weird. My only “dreadful” came from Ohio. We are in California.


Of my 5 worst sets of guests, 4 sets were from Ohio. The next 3 worst? Ohio. I have no idea what it is, but do I take a little special care with OH guests to ensure they have read the listing (or at least SAY they have read the listing)? Yes, I do. Call it regional profiling, or whatever, but it’s made me a little more careful. Florida guests have the biggest issues with wanting icy a/c. When people from Florida inquire (or after they IB) I make sure they are fully aware that the retrofitted HVAC in our historic cottage only gets down to 73F, max. Experience counts for something.


I wonder if that Ohio couple chose Denmark because Trump was obsessed with Danes and would speak very highly of the King. Disturbing… but not out of step.

Well I would have given you 5* for the joke.


Well, said - been hosting for over a year no and have had no awful guests. Guests are people and great most of the time. I love working with Airbnb.


Gosh, you need to do some serious wood knocking. I get one horrific guest per year. Usually it’s someone who is nice to my face and slams me to the ground in a review. I don’t think I got my first bad guest until I was three or four years into it.

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