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Allowing guests to see my calendar on my lsiting


I’ve noticed while browsing AIRBNB as a customer that some listings show the hosts
availability calendar for months into the future. I can’t find how to turn this on for my listing.
Any help?



You can’t turn that on or off. It is apparently a new “feature” being tested in some listings…


Usually when someone clicks on the booking dates to book a calendar appears which will grey out blocked dates and you can move the month forward. You can see this without actually booking. Is this what you mean? I don’t know if they are showing the calendar upfront on the listings page as some places do.


No. There is a new feature that appears below the reviews which allows folks to see your calendar. This calendar shows available dates with prices. Kind of like it was before they took this away! Appeared on my listing today.


Well so it is. I’ve never looked below the reviews before.


Here is an example showing calendar on left side scroll down.


I clicked on this listing and didn’t see the feature. I only knew what to look for due to @Xena’s post about it yesterday which had a screen shot.


I don’t see it either.


I see the calendar and individual “overall” stars on Firefox. I see the individual “overall” stars in Chrome, but no calendar. Safari? I see neither of these recent additions.

All MacOS.


This is on our listing:


It’s fine. I don’t have a problem with it at all.

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