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Alarm systems and airbnb spaces

I think I am typical in that my house has a few bedrooms that are now generating income as airbnb rooms. However, I have a housewife alarm system that is a monitored system by ADT. I get $30 a month off of my homeowners insurance for this and they charge $39, so so far all is good.

Two questions: how do others deb with whole house systems? Do you, as I do, simply never arm it? Or, is there a system that works well with air?

I use Simplisafe.com and asign a new code to each AirBnB guest - I can manage them online, and have up to four on the go at once. I encourage guests to arm the alarm as they leave the house, and it’s worked well so far… but my listing is a whole house. I presume in your case, there’s the issue of guests potentially arming the alarm when other guests are still inside? Not sure there’s a way around that.

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Most of them have a temporary / maintenance worker code that you can add and change for individuals with access rights. It can also be helpful for tracking who is coming and going if there is a log.

Our house has an ADT alarm system that we never activated when we moved in a couple years ago. A few months ago, a blaring alarm went off in the basement at 2 am when a guest was in the apt. There was some kind of short (we think?) that triggered the alarm (and the alarm panel in the apt was also beeping & flashing). My husband just ran down and cut the wires to the alarm and the control panel in the apt.

This would have been a disaster if we were out of town.

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