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Alarm annoyance. Anything I can do?


Hi everyone,

I have guests checking out tomorrow morning. They’ve come home tonight to find our house alarm beeping. The code is lost and it appears to be a fault as we never set the alarm.

Considering it’s 2230 and the bedrooms are 3 storeys up, they said they would rather live with it than go through the hassle of waiting for 24/7 technician etc.

I’ve apologise profusely and they’ve told me not to worrt, but I am wondering if there’s anything else I can do to make things better.

Any ideas?



What is it’s power source? That sounds like what a smoke alarm does but if you remove the batteries it stops. But it seems an alarm would be hardwired. Could the circuit breaker be turned off without impacting other critical systems?


call the alarm company that services you, and ask them to re set the alarm.

And then remove the system permanently.


I think playing with the circuit breaker will make things worse. I think it’s set up that way to prevent thieves from doing the same thing. :frowning:


Yeah. I’ll probably do something like that tomorrow. For now, any suggestions regarding my guests? I’d hate to be in their position, especially the night before they leave. :frowning:


Earplugs? I think I might book them into a local hotel if possible …


Usually a hard wired home alarm will have a back up battery system. So when you kill the power at the breaker box the battery will still keep the system armed.


In the end, they said they would survive as they couldn’t hear it from their bedrooms. Whilst they were on their way to the airport, I called the taxi company and paid for the ride. They were pleasantly surprised to discover that upon arrival to the airport and called me to say thanks. I again apologised. So, hopefully, all workes out OK.

Thanks for the feedback everyone.

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