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Air's new pet policy

So it looks like no more dogs at my place. Air is allowing guests to bring up to 5 pets on the dropdown menu, I only allow one. They are also capping pet fees at $50 per stay, I charge per night.
This is what shows on my listing:

This place has a maximum of 2 guests, not including infants. If you’re bringing more than 2 pets, please let your host know.

I do not allow infants either.



I was wondering how this was shaking out. I still haven’t even seen the dog option as a host on our listings (but have had multiple guests book including dogs, so we see it on the reservations).

Our pet fee structure is per dog/per day (like I think yours is). That’s not changing. So unless Airbnb has this exact functionality baked into the dog option they are working on, we are going to just stick with our existing process of asking guests to add an additional “adult” to the booking for each dog (which then triggers the fees related to an additional adult which we mirror with our dog policy). For dogs beyond our total guest capacity, we add the equivalent fees outright as a “trip change.” Guests are forced to accept those fees/updates or risk losing the booking.

I’m cautiously optimistic that in the months ahead, Airbnb will get it right.


“This place has a maximum of 2 guests, not including infants. If you’re bringing more than 2 pets, please let your host know.”

I find this a bit confusing. When you say “not including infants,” I understand that to mean that any quantity of infants is fine.

Wouldn’t this be better?

“This place has a maximum of 2 guests. Infants are not allowed, for safety reasons. If you’re bringing more than 2 pets, please let your host know in advance.”

Can you also say what maximum number of pets is?


Where do you see this? I have “not safe for anyone under 12, no infants, no pets” policies.

Actually, I just tried to book my place in incognito mode and while the guest search bar has the “infants, pets, etc” drop down, my listing doesn’t show up in the search bar when I added pets and an infant.

However, when I search for 2 guests and an infant, it shows my listing. I don’t allow infants. Pool, canal, cat, no childproofing…


Well, of course Airbnb brings in a new feature that hosts get excited about, “Yay, finally a pet fee added at booking time!”, but does it in a way that is guest- centric and host-unacceptable. That’s their MO.

More than 5 dogs? Only need to tell hosts if you’re bringing more than 2 pets? Are they insane? Obviously.


So more hosts will have a no pets listings.
My house my rules and I don’t want entitled guests thinking they can bring multiple pets or infants because Airbnb said it was ok!


This is what you see on Air during the booking process.

I do not allow more thatn 1 dog
I do not allow infants



I see RebeccaF’s point that the phrase, “Maximum 2 guests, not including infants” could be construed as: No more than 2 adults, but infants aren’t included [in that number]. When what you want to say is “no infants allowed” Sorry for my English teacher pedantry!


I am not saying this. This is from AirBnb when you book my cabin that is listed no infants and max 1 dog.

They are trying to make the rules.



Can’t you just specify your max in House Rules, and include validation of the booking party with pets after each booking?
Seems a darn shame to lose pet-friendly bookings, when that is probably a big thing for you?

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I did that, clarified the rules then I decided I did not want to fight about it once a guest whined, not if, when. I removed all references to pets and fees and un checked the pet box.

Will see, I think I will still be booked up. If not I can always change it back.

I am really pissed at Air over this.



Interesting approach of counting the dogs as people because then the guest also gets charged taxes and AirBnB fees on that pet fee….

Yes but when house rules go against what air leads them to believe with their own wording it is the host that gets dinged for it…. Yes, air added a pet fee and for many that will work. For we experienced hosts with pet fees per night or per dog or anything different than air has built in, we will get dinged.

After sleeping on it I am reconsidering my decision last night, 80% of my bookings are for two nights. I am considering putting a $50 pet fee (which is more than the $40 I usually get) and just standing firm on the one dog rule. Honestly I often take two and double the fee but I want to make the decision about that not Air.

I liked collecting the fee myself, it is paid Venmo or cash and keeps my kids in allowance money.

I am a bit worried I will lose bookings for this cabin not allowing pets. I know my bookings declined in the other cabin when I stopped allowing kids and I am considering changing that as well. I like money, and I like when the guests leave on Sunday:)

I am working on a post booking message that will clear up my pet policy and give people a chance to cancel when they are outside the policy. My biggest worry is getting a 14 day stay with a dog and only getting $50 for the dog. To be fair I have never had a two week booking in that cabin… I could limit the stays to 4 days to limit losses. I should not have to though Air has really F’d this up IMO




Since I prefer short stays, even sometimes limiting to one night, this works okay for me. I have it set so that I manually review any requests for longer than 2 nights. If someone with a pet were to want more than 1-2 nights I could then negotiate a larger pet fee. Perhaps you could set a 3-4 night limit and then manually review other requests. Put in the listing that stays over 3 nights require additional pet fees.


I just emailed OwnerRes to see if they have a solution, there are different rules for software connected hosts that may apply. So for the moment no pets, but I will be figuring out a way to allow them again. No sense shooting myself in the foot.

I prefer short stays as well and I have only had a few 5-6 day stays in this cabin so limiting my max stay may be the solution. I am ok with $50 pet fee for 3 nights, because most stays are two nights and pre new policy I was getting 40



They are also coaching all guests to declare all 5 of those pets are emotional support animals and free to bring


I had no idea you could set to manually review only some bookings and not others. How do you set that up?

Charge an animal cleaning fee…problem solved…until it isn’t…

Go to your availability settings, then trip length. Click edit under maximum stay and there’s your selections:

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