Air's gross income statement isn't accurate

Does anyone else download Air’s CSV income files for accounting purposes? There are 2 different downloads you can do, an “income” spreadsheet and a “gross income” spreadsheet. I just downloaded both to start putting together my tax information.

My net income is different from one spreadsheet to the other. The gross income spreadsheet doesn’t include 2 refunds that I gave over the year, but the other spreadsheet does. Why? Nobody knows. Air is supposed to get back to me after they look into it.

Anyone else have these inconsistencies in their income reports?

I would just use the income sheet (which sounds like it is net income) then.

Doesn’t sound like it is inconsistent, from what you have posted - just one is net and one is gross.


The gross spreadsheet also shows your net income (and that’s the column that doesn’t match up.) It just has more columns. I have to use the gross spreadsheet to show what was collected for occupancy taxes, because the other spreadsheet doesn’t show that.

Due to an internal issue the Transaction worksheets are not correct. They are working to resolve the issue however you may have to do it manually for Decembers numbers. Good Luck!

Yeah, I got an equally generic response. It’s not just for December, though. Mine have always been off. I had to make notes on my spreadsheet for my accountant before they filed my last set of quarterly taxes.

If you have more than one room and you separate them you are not going to get a true reflection of your income. Make sure you keep track of any adjustments that you make. If only 1 property not sure why it isn’t showing.

Nope, just one property.

I have had this same issue every year, and other issues. I have asked airbnb every year to provide a better tool for hosts. Quite simply, if they would put in exactly what shows on the guest’s invoice and then identify taxes collected separately (I have state and county) and the host fee it would be honest, simple and an actual tool for hosts. As it is I often cannot get the gross amounts to equate to the payout. This is obviously an old post but I believe it bears raising it up again as airbnb has yet to address my requests, and I am guessing I am not the only host asking for a true, gross to net printout at tax time.

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As do many hosts, and all you can do is just get on with it as best you can.

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