Airhosts Forum mentioned on CNN

Travelers aren’t the only ones feeling the pain of canceled trips. Thousands of Airbnb hosts across the globe are coping with lost income.

On Airhosts forum, a popular platform for Airbnb hosts, users are sharing their concerns about the financial impact of refunding money.

They also mentioned that VRBO is not doing exceptions. I predict guests will remember this.

Not every travel company is offering exceptions for coronavirus cancellations. The vacation rental property Vrbo has not offered any Covid-19-related exceptions to its cancellation policy.

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So an article similar to this is what brought me to this site. I know that I can be a prickly jerk, but the reality is there are many hosts in need of information during these times who will be looking for advice. I hope that going forward we can be patient and helpful even as these financially strapped or emotional hosts arrive.

Just saying, from a jerk with experience


We moderators have been discussing for a week how to approach the influx of posts. We very much want to be helpful. In a short time many have already come round to seeing the futility of blaming Airbnb. I suspect they have done the more ethically suitable thing. More importantly I think they have made the best business decision. Time only can tell.


I managed to get a no penalty cancellation for some guests by calling VRBO directly. I had found some posting from them about waiving penalties/fees, but it seems to have disappeared . . .