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Airbnb's growth curbed by by safety concerns, competition? All lies! says Airbnb. LOL



From article:

> And the death of a family of four from gas asphyxiation at a Mexico condominium listed by Expedia’s HomeAway and VRBO was a grim reminder that renters are ultimately responsible for safety.

^^^This is a dumb example.

  1. It was a condo. The building safety & maintenance is controlled by the HA and mandated by insurance policies that require yearly inspections (at least mine did but then it was in the US not Mexico). It’s not like it was a private home with no oversight.

  2. These same kinds of horrible accidents have occurred at hotels.


When growth forecasts prove overly optimistic there are two ways companies can go. They can either lower their host and guest fees to encourage more hosts to preference them and guests to book through them, or (2) increase existing host fees to make up the shortfall. The same thing happens with franchisees. Guess which one AirBnB will use?


After seeing the utter crap USA Today and really, all the mainstream media printed about Hawaii recently, I really don’t believe them. Safety equipment? That is really a reach, don’t you think?

Almost seems to be an article pitched by the hotel lobby. Not very well written. I agree they face increasing competition, but I can’t see them becoming less popular.


You mean all of Hawaii is not a burning pile of molten lava?


So true! Accidents happen everywhere everyday despite the best safety measures. This is just anti-STR propaganda.

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