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AirBnB's changes in long term pricing


AirBnB is changing the way long term prices (e.g. weekly rates) will be shown. I’m ok with that but wonder what kind of discounts folks are offering for a one week booking - 10-12-15-20% ??


nothing! …

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I am not offering a discount for a weekly booking. It depends on your strategy. If you don’t want lots of one nighters then either set your calendar that one nights cannot be booked or adding a cleaning fee so one nighters are paying a higher rate which may discourage them or make it worth your while to accept it. In my area lots of places dislike one nighters so there are not many available.

If you would prefer longer bookings and fewer changes then offer a discount. I could book my room out I would say 5/7 or mainly 7/7 regardless so choose not to offer a reduction. If I have a free nights without any guests it means less work for me.

I would be interested to see what you decide.


Why should they get a discount for anything? It’s a better profit margin for me to turn it over more! So this does not apply to me at all.

I do get a ton of short stays because people visiting the Big Island often do a circle island and want to visit 3 or 4 on this side then the same on the other side. I often get two nighters. I barely have to clean after them. Just change sheets and towels. EZ, and I make the cleaning fee too.

I agree with Fraggles, most places here have minimums. One reason I’m so easily found is because I have no minimum. If they do want to book one night, I tell them they can but its not a good value because I still have to charge the same cleaning fee.


We avoided the discount because the longer bookings tend to get too comfortable and end up being more trouble. That isn’t to say we wouldn’t offer a discount based on an individual story, but rates are already low.

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