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AirBNB Wrongfully Forces Hosts to Accept Pets from People with No Disability



You’re talking about holiday lets. Loads of stuff on Airbnb is bookings for work trips, visiting family etc… It’s actually a lot of work to write articles etc…


Nope! Since an ESA is not a real thing, as far as federal law, anybody can claim ANYTHING as an ESA. :roll_eyes:


Be prepared for emotional support alligators or boa constrictors.


I have heard of an emotional support kangaroo and an emotional support pig. And this one:


At least the boa constrictor could give you a good hug.


It isn’t limited to dogs or cats. This is AirBNB’s way of preventing hosts from banning guests who have pets.


No, it can actually get you more than AirBNB does.


My understanding is that there isn’t much difference between most of the card processors for “non-swipe accounts”. So far I have been quoted the following:

a) No Gateway Fee (3.55% for cards and .25 +40 for debits )

b) $5.99 Gateway Fee (1.99% for cards, and .99% for debits)

Can you do better for a no Gateway Fee?


In ireland all esa pets must be microchipped with an iso compliant pet microchip that has a 15 digit non encrypted code. Any dog or cat must have tapeworm treatment 1 to 5 days before entering ireland and if you are coming from a rabbies controlled or rabies free country, it will be required to get rabies vaccination once the microchip has been implanted and after 21 days have passed, however ,not more than what the vaccines expiration allows.
The law in ireland is different, owners have to provide proof, thankfully living on a wet ole island has its advantages.
I have 3 allergy sufferers, one mild, one medium and one really bad needs nebulisers, steroids and epi pen. A respiratory specialist had up rip up all the carpets, freeze cuddle toys , dust mite covers, and crap loads of hoovering and washing. Its just not practical to apply one rules globally, when it goes against local laws and does not take into account the rights of the host and their family.
We have accommodation sites and you can filter dog friendly ones, so we know to avoid them. I have never seen a dog in a hotel yet. Thats not to say this wont change in the future.


I have to take exception to this. It’s our homes. Clean up after an animal is nuts. Dog pee means dogs were not walked. So they made your living room a toilet.

And what about our guests with allergies?


I think we should be careful about what type of language we use when discussing AirBNB policies. The animals AirBNB is asking hosts to accept are not assistance animals for guest, but pets. AirBNB calls them assistance animals, a term commonly used for people with disabilities, but AirBNB has not distinction: all host must accept pets for "emotional support.


V[quote=“K9KarmaCasa, post:57, topic:25084”]
I accomodate all animals regardless of purpose or species so no need to dump airbnb

Did you see the article about United Airlines (or one of the biggies) wouldn’t let a woman fly with her “emotional support” peacock? lol. Would you take a peacock? :hugs:


I was kidding really. Yes, the humans are the worst! If I could do dogs I would, without their humans! I’m actually going to check
Out the Rover app, have you heard of it?


Thanks K9. Appreciate the clarification.

I would book an assistance dog in a New York minute. They are an extension of the person and are superbly maintained.

An even larger number of my guests have emotional problems. It’s all good!

But the overwhelming number of people I have dealt with who want to bring pets have no plan for them. They leave them unattended and anxious while they do their thing all day. That’s why the pets are horrid - they’re traumatized. This is also true of emotional support animals. Who takes care of them?


One option would be to include a policy that says you will take the dog but not the owner. I don’t think that violates AirBNBs policies : )


Sick indeed. It beats me how a hamster can offer ‘emotional support’ in the first place - especially when the poor little thing is so indispensable that it can be just flushed away by some heartless student. At least the article brings up the issues of the cabin crew and people working on aircraft - which I suppose in a way roughly equates to the position Airbnb hosts are in :

workers struggle to cope with issues like “biting, aggression, urination, defecation, allergic reactions, conflict and other disruptions”.


Will do. I was just thinking about the dog walking and day sitting to start. I will probably be digging into that soon as I think bookings will slow down here in the winter. I will PM you for sure with questions. Thanks!


Yeah disgusting, taking out her anger at the airline on the tiny animal. Spoilt brat.




There is no legal protection for owners with support animals being refused entry into your private residence according to the DOJ website. ADA protection only applies to places of public access… where the public are generally free to come and go.

The problem is that it’s Airbnb policy for hosts to accept emotional support pets and service animals. The trick is for those hosts not equipped or prepared to host animals to come up with techniques to:

  1. Decline bookings that reference bringing animals without alerting Airbnb. And
  2. Refuse guests that show up with undeclared animals without incurring penalties from Airbnb.

I’d welcome suggestions on how to do this. I have no issues with properly trained support dogs for those with disabilities… but clearly, not everyone (example those with allergies) are prepared to do this.

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