AirBnb worth $13 billion dollars?

Apparently that’s how much their stocks are worth. To put it in perspective Hyatt chain of hotels only have a market cap of about 9.2 billion dollars.

Is AirBnb real or is this like the tech bubble of early 2000s?

Great post and topic.

Hard to say whether they are over-valued or not based on the market…when Snapchat is valued at $10 billion, I start to lose faith in what basic valuation metrics people are using. There are arguments to both sides, but playing it from Airbnb’s side I can see the argument that this is a disruptive marketplace that has virtually unlimited scalability. The potential for Airbnb to replace and disrupt the existing hotel industry is the same concept of why Tesla is valued so high…Tesla is disrupting the existing auto dealership industry.

In my opinion I think some of their valuation some from this “tech bubble” we’re in, but Airbnb definitely has my vote of confidence more than other bubble tech companies like Snapchat.


Will hosts get a first run on the IPO shares?