Airbnb website bug

We just had a reservation request for two days that were definitely blocked on the calendar due to a previous reservation.
Ever happen to anybody else?

No but there are other bugs on the site today that I can see. I had a guest last week tell me when she searched for my place it showed as available but when she called me about it (she’s a prior guest so has my number) and I tried to walk her through what she was seeing on her screen she said she couldn’t reserve though it was showing my listing.

It seems to me the site has been very buggy since their big update and changes in Feb.

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Biggest bug I see today is that what is displaying on the screen is their back-end code, not the proper text. All the underscores show me their back-end code.
trip_details_number_of_adults, trip_details_number_of_children

Same here but luckily it doesn’t seem to be affecting the functioning of the site.

Yes happens quite often. Just give them a call.

My listing disappeared yet again. Case manager is looking it, went through this a few months ago and had to delete my listings and start over afresh. Am not having much look with IT in airbnb, they often dont know how to resolve issues. Thankfully am booked via other platforms

Well, the trouble is that even though websites are now ‘old technology’ people still like to tamper and aim to improve what’s on offer. This means that sites, particularly huge ones with plenty of functionality such as the Airbnb site, is going to be buggy from time to time.

Let’s just hope that this means even better services for us in the future. :slight_smile:

There have been many reports of Air hosts having a double booking when the dates were blocked…and those dates miraculously became unblocked.