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AIRBNB update: From now on no guest photo until request is accepted


You don’t get a copy of their ID. Airbnb receives it and includes it as a verification on their profile page.


She’s replying to River Rock Retreat who does get a copy of the ID when the guest checks in.


Oh, whoops. I was confused.


Yes, I require Airbnb verification for my bookings, but I don’t believe Airbnb always follows through on their own policy of that, as they don’t follow through on other policies, such as requiring a profile photo of some kind.


I have it in my rules that the county requires I get a copy of the guest ID and collect tax. I do not give the door code until the tax is paid and guest sends a picture of ID.



Haha, love it. Don’t forget the very sincere “With love, Airbnb” and the end. :man_facepalming:


Well that is a nail in the coffin…no photo no guest I am afraid…

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