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AIRBNB update: From now on no guest photo until request is accepted


Oh great now I have to awkwardly mention my ethnicity when traveling.


Was your public facing page fine? Mine wasn’t. I don’t know what rules would have actually come through on an IB as I haven’t had a booking today.

By “all over” I meant that it is happening in different geographic areas.


Yes. My settings page said “not set” like the screenshot in your link above. Then I used incognito to look at my listing and it was normal. I clicked on “book now” to see my rules and they were normal.


That wasn’t my screenshot… Just the thread I saw.

When I looked at my listing, all tick boxes were unset and I did not see “no smoking” on the public view. Didn’t try booking though.

Neither here nor there really. The issue is the programmers or their supervision.


I’ll edit my comment.


I don’t believe you ever see “no smoking” or any of the other set rules on the view of the listing. You would only see that if the host specificially reiterates it in the listing. To see the “no parties, no smoking, etc” standard rules you have to click on “book” which then pops up the rules.


Off topic but the other time I saw that loss of settings was after I did a fresh install of the app on a new android. So long ago I can’t remember specifics.


“no smoking” does indeed show in the public view if it is set. I just double checked mine (paranoid now!)


You are right, I misspoke. One my desktop the “policies” are now in header at the top. If I click on that I can see it. Still, the main point is that the rules are remaining set even if the edit pages show they are not.

Don’t Panic!


Thank you Mr Adams :slight_smile:

Panic no. Complete mistrust perhaps.


I had already fixed it before I posted but I did go back and look. My changes stuck. No reservations so okay there too. Good food for thought re: calling Air should this happen again and someone slips through.


I’m wondering now how 3rd party bookings matter any more. If there’s no photo than anyone can book with someone else staying. Honestly, I don’t meet my guests a lot of times now because of self check-in, so I don’t know why I even worry about 3rd party bookings anyway.


What is the issue with 3rd party booking?


@Brandt You don’t care if the person who books stays? Or if you have any idea who is actually staying at your place?


As an experienced host @Brandt and a regular on this forum, where the dangers of accepting third party has been discussed many times, I’m surprised this has passed you by :slight_smile:

  1. If the person who stays is not the one who books there can be a mismatch in expectations as the person who actually stays, may not have read the listing and may be unhappy with the accommodation

  2. If something goes wrong, such as property damage/noisy guests Airbnb doesn’t have to support you, as you accepted a third party booking against their T&Cs. Can you imagine having a claim for damage running into many thousands turned down because you knowingly accepted a third party booking.

  3. The person hasn’t gone through any security checks, you literally have no idea who is staying with you.


If you are a single woman host it certainly does matter who comes through the door. We should be able to see them and to ask them a few questions. No more blind dates


I Ask for ID before they get check in instructions. The County requires I get a copy of ID and collect a tax. It is in my rules that I will collect ID and Tax prior to check in.



I know my space and who will love being here. Every problem occurred when the ability to select a guest was taken away.


Whatever, right now only 10% of the host cannot see the pictures and soon it will be instant book or nothing. Hopefully you have a plan sorted out by the time you need it.



time to say goodbye to air bnb and just rent year round, that my plan

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