Airbnb twinnnnnng has stopped?

With the last Airbnb update, my Airbnb message alert on my IPhone changed.

It did this before then returned. Anyone else notice the twinnnnng missing?

I had messages this morning with the standard notification sound. I’m on Android.

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Yes, I’ve noticed it’s gone from my iPhone, also. Rather aggravating, as I’m now checking the app almost hourly to see if I’ve gotten any messages :unamused:


They are gone on my iPhone, too! I want them back!

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Got the same tone as always, as of a few hours ago

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Is your phone apple or android?

I still get the twinnnnnnng. I have an iPhone, up to date with iOS 15.5. I just checked, the airbnb app needs updating. I’ll let you know if I lose the twinnnnng.

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