Airbnb to Test Branded Apartments in Florida

Orlando/Kissimmee is not Southern Florida. That area does not have a major Season like the East and West coasts; because of the theme parks business is pretty steady year around, so I don’t really see a lot of younger renters looking to make money by subletting when they are not there…

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I can see how this could work. The theme parks hire seasonal interns and other 90-120 day employees. Housing for the 90 day employees in any area that has a high short term rental draw is a challenge. The short term employees are looking for housing in a market where the landlords are motivated to rent very short term rentals because they can collect higher rental revenues and to find a unit that is available for a full 90 days is difficult.

This is comparable to the furnished rentals popping up in university areas that offer 3 month leases for summer school and 5 month semester leases.

Airbnb is definitely moving away from being a product platform (short term home sharing rentals) to be being a brand (STR, shopping, experiences, dining concierge, & now 90 day housing)

Its kind of cool to watch their development. I kick myself everyday for not thinking of it myself 10 years ago.

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A follow up:

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