Airbnb 'survey' e-mail received

Recently went on a trip as a guest, haven’t written a review yet.

Got this email from airbnb …

'Our research team would like to learn more about your experience as an Airbnb guest! Please complete this brief survey and share your thoughts. We’ll use your responses to improve the experience for guests like you.

The survey will take about 3 minutes to complete. We appreciate your feedback!’

What this ‘survey’ was though was exactly the same prompts as you would have to complete a review, even naming the host I stayed with, including the option to award stars in the usual categories, give general comments on the stay. I didn’t complete it and I’m not sure if I did it would have been treated as the review.

I’ll put this out to share.

I’d be concerned if it was to be posted as a review, perhaps some people would be more critical thinking they were telling a third party rather that directly to the host.

I took a trip as a guest 3 weeks ago and only got the traditional review. Very interesting.

There’s already a thread going about this…

No, he’s talking about something else.

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After I used ABB CS recently I was sent an email survey to fill out. They resolved my issue quickly so I was happy to give the CSR a Like. But first question was that stupid generic: “Does you experience make you more or less likely to use AirBnB”. Okay, I’ve never had a CS experience that makes me more likely to use a company but I’ll give them an 8. Then next “Can you tell us why it makes you more likely to use AirBnB?”. No I can’t, I don’t have time to write you mini essays and we’re only 5% of the way through the “feedback”. Pay me for my time or give me a one off fee reduction if you want to know what I think. End.

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