AirBnb Support random message about address?

I have received a message out of the blue from AirBnb support asking for verification of my address as a ‘signal’ advised it is not correct. The listing has 71 reviews. Is this some data checking or something? It’s on the correct spot on the map but the suburb is slightly out on the listing address but when first listed I never worried about it as I could not fix it. No guest has every made a mention of any concerns.

Can I assume that you’re certain that this is a message from Airbnb? That is, you are receiving the message on the platform rather than an email? If so, why not respond on the platform to verify? There would seem nothing to lose.

I don’t understand the comment that “the suburb is slightly out on the listing address.”

The suburb is wrong in my listing it’s on the border. I just thought it was odd to get a message since the listing has been up 3 years.