Airbnb support or lack of?

Anybody sick of the lack of support from Airbnb when extra funds are requested for extra guests. Have requested extra payments twice now . The first time we were knocked back because we didn’t have any hard evidence according to Airbnb. Our neighbors conducted a head count and confirmed our suspicions. So we installed a camera externally so we could do a head count and have a record of numbers. Unfortunately we didn’t read the fine print about disclosing any security cameras and now the guests are expecting a total refund. Now out of pocket over $1000 for 2 bookings and very disillusioned with the lack of support.

As you have now found out, you really do have to do that. If you don’t follow procedures exactly, Catch-22.

Why not just charge for the space rather than per person? Or break your large space into two or more units rented separately.

It’s not exactly the fine print. It’s extremely important for hosts to read and understand the Airbnb TOS. A shame, I know, but ignorantia juris non excusat.

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Doesn’t seem to apply to the guests though.


If you go on a Airbnb guest site you will find 100s of complaints about how Airbnb always sides with the host. Also there have been a couple of national news stories lately about Airbnb hosts using cameras. They have been inside, non disclosed or hidden but still, Airbnb is getting bad press about it.

I have been hosting almost 5 years/700 guests/480 reviews. I have never had a single instance of Airbnb not getting me my second guest fee. So no, I’m not sick of the lack of support.

“The guests don’t read the fine print so why should I?” Really? That’s your defense? You should be aware that Airbnb sees the guest as the customer much more than they do the host. The supply of hosts is greater than the demand so we hosts are disposable. Burn and churn. Thank u, next!

If you want to continue to use the platform you will need to up your game.


I’m not either. Perhaps the reason is that I don’t particularly expect their support. I see Airbnb as an advertising medium, or a sort of Tinder-like arrangement that puts people in touch. Not people looking to hook up but people who have rental accommodation available and people who are looking for a STR.

We pay Airbnb nothing until we get a booking at which time they charge us a commission. Of course, we are paying for commission, or company profits, every time we buy a loaf of bread or anything at all. No-one ever said that Airbnb was a charity that does this for nothing - we pay a fee for the ‘introduction’ but ultimately running our businesses is up to us, not Airbnb. We’re pretty lucky that they offer any support at all.


When you think about it, providing service on Air has got to be a very tough job. At the end of the day it’s my business in my home, and ultimately my call. I am responsible. But at least once I don’t know what I would have done without them. From that point on it was one human being talking to another.