AirBnB site in other language - weird translations

I am using AirBnB website in English myself, but I have another browser set on Italian and there AirBnb is displayed using the Italian user interface. Well, it was fun to read as some things were a little off.

For example, under Amenities the English reads ‘Laptop friendly workspace’ and defines it as ‘A desk or a table with space for a laptop and a chair that is comfortable to work in’. As I understand it, it means a place where you could handle working sitting 8 hours a day, so I unchecked that as I simply have a large kitchen table with 4 chairs, not a workstation.

I open the Italian AirBnB and it reads Un luogo non adatto all’utilizzo di un laptop which means, literally, “A place not suitable to use a laptop” which sound scary - of course you can use a laptop! There is a table, chairs, Wi-Fi and hi-speed Internet! So I checked the option back.

Are there weird things in the AirBnB user interface in your language?