Airbnb should not be automatically converting my payment to CAD

This is a long standing issue and beef I have with Airbn’s policy of automatically converting my payment from Canadian to American even though I have a USD denominated credit card.

Many banks in Canada offer a USD denominated credit card for the convenience of travellers when they go to America and other countries. In this manner, one does not have to worry about the daily current foreign exchange rate. They pay in USD directly when paying off their credit card.

Usually people who are smart buy their USD at a better rate than when they travel.

Airbnb interferes with Canadians using a USD denominated credit card by automatically imposing a foreign exchange conversion and service fee. It does not recognize that you have a USD credit card that does not need exchange conversion.

I’ve complained about this many times to Airbnb to no avail. I was told the software checka the address on the credit card, but I have a U.S. address on it anyway. They must either use the account info but I have it pointing to USD. I think their software uses the IP address to know where a guest is residing. I took all my credit cards off their payment info and just have the one USD credit card but it does not solve the problem.

Does anyone else have this problem? Is their a workaround that I don’t know of? One time it worked but I forget what were the circumstances. How can I solve this problem?

There’s no work around. If you want to keep using Airbnb you’re going to have to accept this is how they do things.