Airbnb Select- any experience?

Apologies if this has already been covered- I could only find a few threads that spoke about other concept and they are all quite a few months old.

Does anyone have more information on Airbnb Select? We got selected to be assessed for it and had our inspection earlier this week. From what I understand, if you are successful, you will be listed on an airbnb site aimed at corporate customers but that’s about all the information I received. (as a side note, our apartment is located in a beach suburb about 6km from the central business district so I’m not sure how many corporate travelers will want to stay there).

Anyway, the inspection was quite arduous and took about 1.5 hours all up. We had a high level listing of requirements provided to us before the inspection (matching towels, kitchen, carbon monoxide detector, put personal things away, etc but it was quite generic and we already had everything except a coffee maker (we offered instant but have since added a Nespresso).

But when the inspector arrived, I couldn’t believe the details of the listing! He literally went through every single drawer and cupboard and took photos of the inside of all of them- and the requirements are very detailed! Fortunately we had most of them but just received advice back from airbnb that we need to add three things before we can be selected

  • knife set (we have one, I guess the inspector didn’t see it and failed to ask)
  • bottle water or a glass water jug
  • cork screw
    The inspector also took professional photos, despite these being taken earlier this year by an airbnb photographer.

Another interesting thing to note which does worry me is our apartment is really nicely decorated (I put in a lot of effort into putting in the small touches) and the kitchen and bathroom are renovated but not luxury (if that makes sense). Also we are in a very old building which doesn’t give off a high luxury vibe, so I am hoping guests don’t expect too much?

We will add the missing items ASAP and see where we go from there. Has anyone else been involved or got through the assessment criteria and have more information?

Meh. I’m not doing it. I got approached and I just feel it’s setting yourself up to fail. I don’t think it’ll last long, honestly. I think it’s geared to professionals. Pretty sure Airbnb’s long term goal is to be able to list every available space in the world. But that’s just a feeling; I have no inside scoop.


My understanding was that it is aimed at upscale customers not business people. Air is trying to compete with luxury hotels. If approved you get featured in search and can charge higher rates.

@Mike_L that’s what I thought also originally but the inspector specifically said Corporate customers.

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The problem with the term “luxury” is that AirBnB was founded on exactly the opposite of luxury and people have different definitions of luxury basis their daily lives.

We have a beautiful home with one of the most gorgeous views in the world, but since we don’t have central air conditioning and brand-new upscale cabinets and plumbing fixtures, I’d never classify ourselves as “luxury” for fear of disappointing people.

I agree with you. I’d never classify myself as “luxury,” although numerous reviews have described my units as such.

The term “luxury” is way too subjective, and I feel like I’d be setting myself up for failure. Part of being a good host is managing expectations, and I rather surprise to the upside than have a guest come in and be disappointed.

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This makes me so sad. They have come so far away from what Airbnb originally stood for. Now it is bland corporate housing.