Airbnb search results - random glitch?

So I searched for Airbnb properties in the city of one of my listings and came across one search result that I thought was weird - a listing that is in a completely different not even neighboring or near state and yet showed up in the search results when I searched for my city (on page 6-7… not the very first page of search results). The listing was shown in a different state both in the search results and on the listing map. Nowhere in the listing description was my city’s name or state mentioned. The only connection I could find is that the host had one other house listed in a city 50 mins away from my searched city. This is obviously a glitch but I’m now wondering if my listings for City A show up when someone searches for City B simply because I may have another listing in City B. And is all that a good, a bad thing or just a random glitch that doesn’t affect anything really? I did report it to Airbnb and they had no idea why it occurred or any other info on it. It’s probably just a random glitch, but I’m curious if anyone has come across or had any experience with similar situations before.