Airbnb says guest's account removed yet their reservation still on my calendar

I attempted to message tomorrow’s incoming guest through the platform and got this canned response:

“This conversation is no longer available because xxx’s account was removed due to violation of terms of service.”

…yet the reservation is still on my calendar. If this guest has truly been thrown off Airbnb wouldn’t the dates they reserved have opened up on my listing? Wouldn’t Airbnb have sent me a message about this? Could it be a glitch?

Call airbnb right away. The top post in the forum has airbnb phone #s for every country.


Not necessarily. Call Airbnb. If they haven’t notified you they should compensate, but don’t hold your breath :wink:


Go for it, politely, firmly and let them read through the evidence on platform. I had a couple rock up, she with her phone in hand showing that Air had me listed as an “entire place”, not my usual B&B, although from the rest of my listing blurb I was obviously was not an entire place to stay. He had chosen us, she didn’t want to stay here to spite him and off they went, him with tail between legs, poor fellow, and she demanding a refund. Not my job.

I called Air immediately, pointing out what had happened, who asked me what I wanted them to do. I said I wanted the full amount of their failed stay + compensation for their error, and got it.

Air CS have money in their back pockets to pay compensation to hosts, but only if you are firm that they do so. They won’t tell you what’s in their back pocket, ready and waiting.


The first thing I would have done is call them and ask them those questions. Did you do that? What did they say?

We had a similar issue once. Our guests thought that they had booked a stand-alone property - not a private room in a house. The confusion in our case was that the guests thought ‘bungalow’ meant a separate dwelling. Guests left 10 minutes after check-in.

We have now changed our listing to ‘house’ instead of ‘bungalow’. I really don’t understand why Airbnb think that it is necessary to make this distinction in a listing.

Sorry if this is Off Topic for this post.

I had a similar issue a couple of years back, that was one of my funniest bookings. A South African couple and his Namibian father, who spoke not a word of English. Nice old boy though.

The Hb made the booking without reading a thing; he looked only at pretty photos and thought his wife would be really so very pleased to have a w/e away, with his father as well, whom she couldn’t communicate with. Not the case.

I smelt a rat when he messaged to ask where he needed to collect keys from. When he arrived, an hour late, I was cooking supper. In a powerful South African accent, he asked me why I was cooking in their kitchen. Wife and Dad were still in the car, parked outside the pub on a hot evening, with the door wide open.

I suggested that he sat down whilst I explained, and showed him the listing that he hadn’t read. Poor sod was mortified and clearly petrified of telling his wife. He went off to explain, with a loud domestic erupting for all in the pub to listen to. I went out after 20 minutes and managed to calm things down, suggesting that she come and have a look. She fell in love with the house, and bagan thinking that perhaps it was a perfect solution to something she hadn’t been looking forward to at all. All sorted, apart from the car load of food they had bought with them. “I was so looking forward to cooking meals for them both; I so love to cook”.

To cut a longer story shorter, I eventually let them store all the food in my garage fridge, strangely quite empty of white wine. He was so inept, I did it myself and found a stack of ready meals from Aldi.

Then we got feedback on the domestic outside the pub from punters present. We laughed a lot!

But they were nice people and really enjoyed themselves far more than if they’d stayed couped up with ready meals. They even said so!

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