Airbnb Researcher email 2 questions

I received the following email. The company is Qualtrics. The first question was why did I visit recently, (I responded to review / change my listing) The 2nd question was why didn’t I respond to the pop up asking me to agree to their new policy. They gave me several options, I chose other and said I was still contemplating what they meant. They asked for clarification and I said I was waiting to see what other changes they make before May 1st when I will decide if I can host again.

My primary reason for being unsure about hosting is back surgery related the 2nd is the recent changes Airbnb is forcing on us.

Hi Amy,

My name is Anne and I’m a researcher at Airbnb. We’re curious to hear more about your most recent visit to Airbnb’s website or app.

This 2-question survey should take less than 1 minute to complete – we’d really appreciate your input.

Thank you for using Airbnb!

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Airbnb Research

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Qualtrics is a web based survey software platform. It is used by a number of companies to create and distribute surveys to collect and analyze data. Assuming the email is legit it sounds like Airbnb is using the qualtrics software to survey you based on your behavior on the Airbnb site.

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I realized that, but my point was they’re trying to monitor why we aren’t agreeing to their new standards statement. Anyone else ignored the request besides me?

Yes I used qualtrics in my old job as I did a lot of monitoring and evaluating. Airbnb are clearly having an issue with compliance (even if it’s only a minority) and are trying to find out why .