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AirBnb refusing to pay host due to technical error with promotion code



Hi Emily,
Actually, the guest never mentioned the name “fake code”.
I took them in because they arrived in the middle of the night and furthermore I could also see that a payout was going to be made to my account despite their cancellation.

All this changed in the morning, when I received the mail from Airbnb, saying that the booking was cancelled ( a second time, but this time by Airbnb). The payout on my dashboard was then eliminated.

But yes, I have learned a lesson, that´s for sure.


It seems unlikely that an already canceled booking would be canceled. It’s more likely that it was originally canceled by Airbnb and you were later notified as to the reason.
Thanks for keeping us posted, it’s great that you at least got something for all of your effort.


According to the article it wasn’t a fake promo code. Airbnb supposedly made an error and didn’t want to honor the promo code.

What I find fascinating is that Air was willing to cancel thousands of reservations. Yet, if a host has a double booking or pricing error, they want the host to pay a penalty and punish them with a cancellation notice on their listing. Or they want the host to honor the ridiculously rate.

Now…not saying hosts shouldn’t be held accountable. But Air didn’t feel they should honor their mistake…lol.


That’s a good idea, regardless.