AirBnB recognizes attempt to go off-platform

NEW THING (at least to me :face_with_hand_over_mouth:)

We just got an enquiry from a guest trying to go off-platform. The message was accompanied by a warning of AirBnB about the dangers of going off-platform, and the possibility to decline or just continue the conversation with the guest.

I chose the latter, because I was feeling forgiving towards a first time user. We’ll see if it leads somewhere. Probably nowhere :crazy_face:.

Guests have been quite annoying lately :roll_eyes:

Start rant (Edited to add more)

  • One guest left 1 star in the cleanliness department (“Bed was slept in when I arrived.” = lie / "Mosquitos" = I have never seen a mosquito in our city. And my MIL wasn’t allowed entry to his room when he was complaining about mosquitos. / “The trash can was full of things.” = lie / “The floor had not been cleaned for 7 to 10 days.” = He arrived a day late. So it was cleaned 24 hours before his arrival.)
  • The same guest left us 3 stars for checkin. He asked for a late checkin (1am), but his flight was canceled and he told us he would be arriving the next day in the evening. I asked to let us know a more specific hour. No reply until we got the message: “I’ll be arriving in 20 minutes.” to which I had to reply “My MIL will be there in 30 minutes.”
  • The same guest also deducted one star for communication, while he was asking the most stupid questions and helped him promptly with each and all.
  • Then there was this other guest who didn’t arrive. When I asked if he was OK, he told me he had booked “the wrong flight” and would be arriving the next day.
  • This guest also didn’t need my safety advice, but did manage to get robbed of everything on the first day in our city. :roll_eyes:
  • Another guest wanted to cancel her second night after the first night because her “plans changed” (= all of a sudden she decided to take an airplane to the other side of the country, because she wanted to be in nature). She expected a refund and we said: “Cancel and if we are able to rent the room again, we will reimburse.” She read the message because she replied to it. Today, 5 days later she sends a message: “Oh, I’m sorry I didn’t read your message. I was hoping for a refund.” You :face_with_symbols_over_mouth::face_with_symbols_over_mouth::face_with_symbols_over_mouth: did not cancel. How on earth can you be expecting a refund? Oh, I see, you haven’t written your review yet.
  • Then there was a discount seeker, who I asked about their desired checkin / checkout before deciding on a discount. They never replied until the room was booked by someone else 2 days later. I then proposed another cheaper room and they replied “Oh, we were just about to book the other room.” Well, life is for fast people :crazy_face: ! :roll_eyes:

End of rant…


They’ve been an absolute nightmare!! Even the nice ones have had a very high maintenance level… Oy…

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What city ? Curious because some guest got robbed.

Big Latin-American city… You could get stripped in most of them.