Airbnb Ranking Factors

This was just published on a FB forum. Not sure how accurate but I did a quick skim and it seems legit.


It certainly confirms my thought that “the busier you are the busier you will be.”

I am decidedly not busy, and launched 12/1/18, so noobie boost may or may not have worn off.
But if you look for dates in Chatsworth Ca (44 listings), I am @ The Top. This makes me happy:)

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It helps if you can search for a neighborhood or suburb. If I were coming to the area and simply searched Los Angeles (as an outsider I wouldn’t know what to search for) wonder where or if you would appear. I usually use the map for my stays. I want to stay along my route if driving or near my event or whomever I’m visiting. Zooming in on the map and having it re-do the search as I move the map has worked well for me.

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Hi Kkc,
Well I just put in Canoga park (2 neighborhoods away) , had to move the map a tiny bit to include me. As soon as I did that, I popped to the top @ 73 listings… I know Wow:)

Where we are in San Fernando Valley, there are lots of fairly large named neighborhoods all within LA city limits.
I just tested it again its still @ the top in a much larger map almost all of LA 300+ homes right under the plus listings (my dates were march 1-3)…area between Simi hwy# 118 and almost to the sea. I’m viral;’;’’;


This is a Chrome incognito search?

uh uh uh I dunno
Los Angeles airbnb?/ " houses Los Angeles" , not “top twenty”
do I have to be not logged on to my email, or remove my cookies or something??
Can you try it for me?

I suspect that when you search from your computer it shows you your listing first.

If I do a search for Los Angeles you don’t come up first or in the first 300. My map looks like this:

If I move it around to put your area much closer to the center of the map and zoom in a couple of clicks your place shows up.

Use Chrome Incognito to do an anonymous search


Our listing is between the 118 and Calabasas on that map, but closer to the 118

I just browsed incognito, it is @#9 on the Chatsworth list of 48 places available for that stay.

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