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Airbnb pro photos are up only 2 weeks after requesting photographer

Very surprised with how quickly they responded to my request, (an hour), came to shoot 4 days later and now they have appeared on my page.
They have put 45 pics up. I’ve moved my ‘own’ (realtors sales brochure photo) cover page back to first position, then the next 45 are Airbnb’s then the rest are mine.
Deciding what to keep etc.
I like how the wide shot captures everything in the room (or even 2 rooms in one shot)
The wide lens does make it look larger, but not so much that you would be dissappointed when seeing it in real life.
The lighting is all very light and the same (so not sure about that)
Very happy overall and the photographer was lovely. (She was required to ask if I wanted to be in a shot but said it’s mainly for room listings so that people can see who they are living with, rather than whole house, I chose not to!)

Feedback would be great (I’ll leave them all up for a few days before I start editing)

thanks, Sue

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That pool pic definitely looks better than the original pics. Keep that as first! :slight_smile:

yeah, the pool is an original pic, then there are 45 Airbnb ones. (Nothing like night lighting on a pool!)

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Oh ok lol well it is great.

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Well, remember what I posted the in your previous topic.
Remember the 1st 5 pics?

I now see livingroom, bedroom, bedroom, bedroom, bedroom.

Rearrange them, select the best one of every room and move them to the front. Remove the old ones of the house.

Main pictures I would keep in the front: 5, 10, 15, 16, 23, 28, 29, 38

The rest I would make a selection. Some of them can be removed like 33.

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Yes I remember thanks Chris. I haven’t done any moving/editing at all yet (except for putting my favourite cover shot back)
Was just showing the difference between the airpro shots and mine.
I’ll probably go with a mixture of both as I still like some of my own as well.

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