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AirBnB policy on age lower bound

Hi everyone

I’m new on AirBnB and on this forum, and I would appreciate some help from more seasoned hosts. Like most people, I understand that guest age can be a concern to some hosts. I also know that AirBnB’s Terms require users of its services to be at least 18 years old.

I would like to know whether AirBnB has a policy against hosts setting the age lower bound higher than that, e.g. at 25 years old on their House Rules for instance. I’ve come across a couple of other threads on similar topics that touch upon country-specific discrimination laws, etc, but they’re not really relevant to what I’m after. I’m actually looking for any sort of explicit rule by AirBnB itself that would, for example, result in closing the host’s account.


No they don’t have a policy and I would tread carefully as you could fall into the age’ism category quickly.

Also, I know that some hosts prefer over-twenty fives but because Ari is new, I’d like to point out that there are good guests (and presumably bad ones too) in all age groups. I’ve had some totally delightful teenagers staying here.

I don’t allow kids though (under 16) because of safety issues.

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Thanks for your response, I’ll keep it in mind.

Thanks, jaquo, I agree of course.

I gotta tell you - call me an ageist - but I am not letting an 18 year old rent my house. Nope.

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You just used the magic word: teenagers. Not adults. No, maybe if i was renting a spare bedroom like the vast majority of you here, but I rent my entire beloved retirement house and I will not rent to teenagers.

I believe you have to be 18 to open an account anyway! I’m too lazy to look it up but think about it. If you are under 18, you cannot legally transact a contract without having your parents sign. Accepting a TOS is a contract.

Good point but I’m from the UK. There (well, when I was there) people are classed as adults when they are eighteen. They can drink, vote etc. They can marry at sixteen. I’ve heard that in Scotland, sixteen year olds can vote. I’m pretty sure that they can join the armed forces at sixteen in the UK. It may be the same or similar in other parts of Europe.

I agree that every host can choose who they want to stay in their property but to me, if someone is old enough to marry, drink alcohol, drive a car and fight for his/her country then I’m OK renting to them.

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