Airbnb Plus Is All But Abandoned as a Grand Dream That Never Met Expectations

Interesting article about that Plus lead balloon:

" The mass exodus of Airbnb employees assigned to Airbnb Plus began months ago — even before the pandemic — as many began staffing the company’s listing verification program following various house-party debacles, and more recently some were dispatched to work on the new coronavirus-driven cleaning regimens. Airbnb’s recent layoffs likewise wiped out remaining personnel assigned to Airbnb Plus."

Skift is worth having on your list of sites to check if you’re interested in travel industry trends.


Thanks for sharing the article.

  • From a Host perspective, I concur with much of what the article states.
  • I don’t know of any guest that has pointed out (to me) that they chose my listing specifically because of PLUS.
  • As we know from the numerous PLUS topics on this forum, PLUS CS has been dismal from the start. Now that it has been disbanded I don’t see how the program can continue.
  • I am still part of the PLUS program but at some point when I get ready to update my photos, that might change. Until then I will stay, primarily because it seems to keep me high in the viewing queue.

I am not surprised by this, at all.

Neither am I. Nor do I care.