Airbnb payments

Anyone having trouble getting paid?

Nah… I did one time but that was bc AirBnB thought there was an issue with the guest not arriving and didn’t bother following up. Guess it was in their interest to hold $1400 bucks. ha I’d say give them a call and get it squared away.

How long ago was the stay and what settings do you have in place?

Called them they said it was a glitch. Was wondering how widespread the issue is.

For last 6 months or so since I started getting paid from Europe somewhere not USA (obviously Airbnb tax avoidance scheme) my payments have been up to 4 days from checkin to hit my bank account (used to be 2). But my second half of a booking more than 30 days took only 2. I never have a clue what’s going on ! Obviously my response was probably 0 help to you :roll_eyes: :thinking: sorry

I get paid like clockwork from Airbnb. I switched my payment method from Paypal to bank deposit a few months ago and that improved the time it took to reach my bank account.

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