Airbnb Open Update

Hi Folks,

Been awhile since ive posted. I attended the open in LA a few months ago and Air emailed me the below text. Just a FYI

The city for the next global Airbnb Open has not yet been chosen as we want to make sure we find the best place possible to host you. We also decided to take more time this year to design a festival not just for but also with our community, and that is why the next edition of the global Airbnb Open will happen in 2018.

Now, we’re very excited to announce that several local events will be organized in 2017 to give our community more opportunities to meet in different regions.

Thanks to those of you who sent ideas and suggestions. You gave us your trust by coming to Los Angeles, and we want to make sure your feedback is taken into consideration to create a better experience each time.

We’ll keep you informed on the locations and exact dates for all events in 2017 and 2018 as soon as they are confirmed.


The Airbnb Team

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I’ve missed you! Keep posting!

Was it worth attending the open? I would love to attend next time it happens in Europe.

I thought it was a great ‘tax deduction’ tripto Paris in 2015!


Not by my CPA. I am forced to do a Schedule E. :smile: