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AirBnB Open LA - speakers

So I just got invited to the AirBnB Open in LA - not that I’m going, I don’t have a spare 3k lying around for that, but the last part of the email caught my attention:

“At Airbnb Open you’ll hang out with hosts and guests from around the world. And attend talks with inspiring speakers such as Gwyneth Paltrow, Ashton Kutcher, Elizabeth Gilbert and Blake Mycoskie, among others. On Saturday night we’re partnering with American Express to present Open Spotlight: Los Angeles, an evening featuring some of the best art, music, and food the city has to offer. All in Downtown LA!”

Can anyone here tell me why of all people in the world they are having Goop, Ashton Kutcher and the author of Eat Pray Love speak to us hosts? I don’t get it…

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