Airbnb now (Dec 2022) asking hosts for more detailed reviews of guests

The star rating is first and then they scroll down to those compliment things. They could get philosophical about the wording and then scroll back up the page and change the star rating but it’s hard to imagine a guest going through that much extra trouble. :wink:

You’ve mentioned concerns about cleaning rating stuff in the past because your house is open-air. I understand the issue because people can be so dumb.

My places are so tiny and so old and on an awful little dead-end street behind a school parking lot in an awful little city that I personally despise. So, I have to worry about the kitchen being pristine because that is really all that I’ve got. It’s all that I can control, so I do it. But you don’t have to worry about that. You have a truly beautiful property in a very beautiful location and are an exceptional host. I say screwem. You should too. (Aren’t you a Houston girl?)


If we weren’t talking about AirBnB, I’d agree with you. But after ABB’s Global Head of Hosting used a leaf in an outdoor pool (oh, no, a leaf outside!) as an example of setting expectations so guests aren’t given refunds, I’m a little gunshy.
And, yes, I’m currently a Houston gal, but I grew up in Iowa, the land of polite people.


Oh that’s really cool! I have a good friend from there.

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So can guests now see what their individual star rating is by each host that leaves them a review?

actually I was worried about that too, as my rustic cottage has a really basic kitchen (circa 1989), and we painted it white, put in a plain white tile, and replaced the faucet, but it’s still pretty original, so it’s hard to have a “pristine” kitchen in such a situation, but I did recently get that 5* “pristine” in a review. I guess if people have a great stay and it’s clean as it can be for the era of the property, there are still some sensible guests out there who aren’t comparing me to the uber chic marble kitchen at some inner city apartment they stayed in once.


Does anyone have the full breakdown what the guest can check off for each category?
I would be curious to see them all. I see bits and pieces above but not full list of options.

Here are some screenshots I took today on a recent stay I had. The selections change based on if you put 1-3 stars or 3-5 stars per category.


@Snowy Thanks for sharing this!! I never thought that there would be different dropdown for the different star ratings. Very enlightening!