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Airbnb not charging correct amount

I have two different rates for weekdays and weekends (Friday/Saturday)…guest booked Thursday/Friday and was charged same weekday rate on Friday …am I missing something i should know?

They booked one night, Thursday to Friday? That would be a weekday rate,

Or did they book two nights – Thur/Fri and Fri/Sat? Then T/F should be weekday rate and Fri/Sat should be weekend rate.

My week day rate runs from Sunday thru Thursday …Friday and Saturday are considered a week end rate …my guests booked Thursday and Friday which to me are 2 separate rates …Thursday being week day rate and Friday being a weekend rate …but the charge was shown for both days as weekday rate…does that help explain situation?..maybe I misunderstand how that works ….this occurrence does not always happen….I can call Airbnb direct i realize but getting thru can be hellish….I had opted out of instabook and all of a sudden I got a reservation last nite as my insta book was back on…(somehow)wondering if that may have something to do with it ….I am a super host with 5 star reviews but this I don’t understand …thanks for any suggestions…at this point I will let slide but obviously something is a miss.

I’m not sure, but I don’t think you can expect a different rate to be charged for one night of a 2 night booking and another rate to be charged for the other night. You need to use the rule sets feature to only allow check-ins and outs on the appropriate days for your weekends and weekdays.

Ok …That’s understandable ….I appreciate your feedback…

I’m not sure that’s right, Muddy.

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Like I said, I wasn’t sure.

Your thoughts …I will reach out to Airbnb when I have time to check in on this…I’ve only been with Airbnb 1 yr so there’s always something to learn…I appreciate feedback from this forum …thanks

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Do you have smart pricing on? When I look at the weekend pricing setting there is a note that says, Weekend nightly price

This nightly price will replace your base price for every Friday and Saturday. It won’t apply if Smart Pricing is on.

It’s easy to set the prices yourself on your calendar, I recommend it. And sometimes a Thursday or Sunday, especially for holiday weekends, should be priced like a weekend anyway.

Maybe you’re referring to smart pricing which I’ve never used but otherwise every night of a stay can be a different price.

Good to know, thanks for the education.

Are all of your nights priced the same?

Well, I’m not hosting right now, but yes, same price every day of the year. No weekly discounts, etc.

I’ve never played the pricing game. I charge what I feel I need to to make enough of a profit when I do have bookings, and attract the right type of guests. Spending my time checking out what the competition is charging, fiddling with pricing for busy holiday times, or reducing it to fill empty days doesn’t interest me at all.

I don’t have smart pricing on and I have a different price on Friday and Saturday as this is our big time especially during fall season…I noticed some folks I booked for a Thursday Friday in October and were charged the prices I have on my calendar …Thursday cheaper than Friday and saturday…it’s an Airbnb mistake on recent booking …will call them on it …thank you forum

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Ok, that’s a screw up on their part. I hope you get it fixed. Please let us know!

No …read above …weekends …Friday Saturday are higher priced

No…Read above…that question was not for you, it was for Muddy. I am an excellent reader, lol.

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@Lifeisaball I have had my price changed unintentionally when I was fiddling with Weekday & Weekend rates. Or playing with rules. There was a time (they fixed it to the best of my knowledge) when if you changed your cleaning fee, for example, it overwrote your weekend rate (was on the same page) when you clicked save. Drove me crazy as I live in an area where prices fluctuate big time for festivals, events, and holidays so having that pricing overwritten with a much lower value was not good. Anyhow, you may wish to take a moment to review your calendar to make sure none of your other weekend rates are wrong. Sorry that happened.

Yes I have my prices set on calender… airbnb appears to override that wonderful option

Thanks for that info!

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Over and out…how do I stop this thread?

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