Airbnb non-payment to host

I had a guest for 2 days and Airbnb did not pay, they claim Airbnb’s host payment did not materialize and now they have been “looking” at the issue, for a week, a case manager “Brad” is supposedly solving the problem with no results and no feedback on what is exactly going on.
Called today and the person I spoke to threatened to hang up on me I was not satisfied with her answer, again, “someone is already looking into this case” and has no idea about status. I asked and told her that I wish to speak to her supervisor, answer "there is no supervisor"
Bottom line: I told the people I spoke with that this issue is not my problem. They approved the host, their fees are collected lightingly fast and the mind boggling avalanche of data flow to your email, SMS, Airbnb App, as well as any other contact they have registered on you. Works with terrifying efficiency.
I am not the one to go after my non-paying host, this is an issue that definitely it’s up to Airbnb (subliminally suggesting for me to contact Host for payment) thus definitely not for me to solve
PS At this time 2 weeks and no contacts, nothing Odd feeling they won’t pay

Did you mean to type “go after my non-paying host” and Air suggesting for you to contact Host for payment?

You are a host…correct??

Have you spoken to your guest at all? What kind of place do you have? - shared space, separate house, etc.?

Of course I was a host, not for AirBnb anymore. I’ve had people over for 2 1/2 months and was lucky from what I have read that all was OK with great guests. They will make your life miserable in case of damage claims and Apt Insurance will not cover paying guests.
Scared the hell out of me and considered I came out well and lost only a few bucks
By the way…They approved guest reservation and payment Why should I contact Guest?

I was curious about what the dynamics of the guest stay were. If this was a separate apt. etc.? I didnt mean to imply that you should have to contact the guest. I am just wondering if guest booked very last minute and possibly used a stolen credit card, etc. Or did guest book far in advance.


You say ‘of course’ as if your post was clear. Actually both your posts are very confusing. You start by saying your guests were non paying then you talk about the host guarantee, then you mention apt insurance.



Don’t bother with this person who can’t be fussed to be nice to forum members who’ve come to answer his questions, and yes, they were worded strangely. Your first question says ABB did not pay and your second one says you are not a host with them, so which is it?

Very simple, AirBnB did not pay, after multiple calls and stories finally convinced they are not interested nor will solve issue. Guest reserved 2 weeks in advance.
Never bothered to read reviews previously, lately I did. BBC, Forbes and so on After those stories quit Hosting. My strange wording is because English is not my mother language I do better in Spanish, German and Finish. Not really concerned about that.
I did not mean to start a complex issue with my difficult to understand story, I apologize to any ill feelings created by my answers
Thanks guys and enjoy your Pro-AirBnB forums

Correction I was a Host, I mistakenly wrote “they approved the Host” should have been guest
Sorry about that

if this story is true it proofs to me one more time that airbnb see hosts as their employees and not as partners.

A quick look on the homepage of this forum will very quickly show that this is, clearly, not a pro-Airbnb forum (this is a business, not a faith).

After reviewing your messages, I still cannot understand what the issue is.

  • Is this an issue with the payment of the reservation?
  • Is this an issue with the payment of some kind of disbursement requested through the Resolution Center (such as a security deposit) or some other kind of damage?
  • Is this a payment claimed under the Host guarantee as you seem to imply (if true, that would be short of a world premiere)?

From my understanding, it sounds like the guest booked two nights. Guest made the reservation two weeks in advance. Guest stayed, and Airbnb did not pay you. They continue to not provide any answer as to why the payment did not “materialize” as they call it. Is this correct?

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one thing is for sure. If the OP has explained this issue to Airbnb the way it’s been explained to us, that is a possible explanation for Airbnb’s supposed lack of resolution.

Never seen a series of more confusing posts. OP your English is good enough to be sarcastic so how about you try explaining instead of ranting.

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Yes sir, Still waiting. Aghast at total silence. When I wrote bombardment of data when you have Guest inquiries and reservations it is true only when the AirBnB systems “smell blood” finely tuned to go into the kill.
If you have a problem…End of any communications, updates and whatever means they handle to forward info.

When I first started I had a payment problem, the website confused me. I had to check an item to determine where payment was going but it wasn’t very clear, talking to air didn’t help much. Check the payments page. Go through the the various menu items. Have you been paid before?

Zandra I will make it simple:
Guest made reservation well in advance (2 weeks) and was accepted
Guest arrives, stays for 2 days and leaves
3 days latter I notice that no payment was made
Call AirBnB and nicely told they will take care of problem immediately
2Days go by nothing happened Call again Matter is now handled by "Brad"
Week latter Call again Explain that Brad never called nor wrote
Next day again Told that it is in the hands of another department
Never heard from them again
Upset yes… Definitely I just hope and wish that no Host has to go through this kind of "via crucis"
and like I wrote I froze the availability of my property and as more time goes by without a resolution
I don’t really need this and am afraid of Hosting after weighting all risks involved
Thanks for you concern

I seem to remember a post some time ago where the same thing happened. There has obviously been a glitch in the system, and while we can all understand that this happens sometimes, it is appaling that the customer “service” people are fobbing you off with excuses and that it has STILL not been successfully dealt with.

I know it must be frustrating for you, but I think you must keep on contacting them until you get satisfaction. Some people have suggesed that using the Airbnb Twitter feed may work better than calling. I’m not sure how they respond to emails, but at least if something is written down you can prove that it has been sent and received.

Good luck and let us know what happens!

Hi, thanks for advice and concern. The Twitter feed you mention does ring a bell, almost sure I saw something somewhere and they were paid.
I feel more like as I mentioned previously, after reading so many horror stories, if I cut my loss ($78) I will be far ahead. Let me carefully use my words again and give you another thought
I had as a guest with me a Turkish young fellow, student at Penn U, we agreed to to get to know each other for 8 days until I had to leave to Europe for 3 months.
He stayed on his own for another 9 weeks working as an intern and went back to school, the apartment was his except my room of course. I returned a month latter after he left and found everything in the condition it always is. He would call and keep me posted if in doubt or questions and it worked out to be the perfect guest.
Can you imagine if it would have turned out to be anothernone of those stories where your property gets trashed and/or stolen? Mi insurance will not cover that and neither will the 1Million AirBnb
Take care and thanks again

I had a similiar issue. In my case the guest cancelled the card. If Airbnb do not get payment from the guest they do not pay the host, but still keep the commission. Hosts need to be aware that they are carrying all the risk, (both in terms of the property and the guest) whilst Airbnb are handling all the money but have virtually no risk.

Probably that is somehow what happened but in order to close the deal at your (Host) risk the guest is approved. Amazing, not to have the minimum honesty to contact Host anymore and tell the truth.
Any way, after 3 weeks now I don’t think they’ll pay
Only hope and believe that other options are looming in the horizon and good competition will force them to be more decent towards their income sources.

Chen?? Kiki?? is that you??

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