Airbnb non payment issues

Hi all

I am having an awful time trying to get payment sorted from airbnb for a booking for 5 nights (guests are into their 3rd night now). I spoke to 4 different airbnb reps this afternoon and paypal to try to resolve this issue. airbnb says its a paypal issue and Paypal says its an airbnb issue. I am so frustrated and feel that both parties are trying to just pass the buck rather than solving the problem I believe it is an airbnb problem as we didnt receive our normal notification of payment sent but they say they did. Honestly, I feel so powerless here.

If you didn’t get the email saying a payout was sent, it’s on Air.

PayPal sends its own notices whenever you get a deposit.

I have had that too… Air says it is PP. I even had one Air rep tell me PP was going to change their terms to have the transmission take 5-7 days instead of three to five, and that I had better change my payout method to direct deposit. Turned out to be FALSE!

I’m expecting a payout tonight. And there better not be a glitch.

Just for comparison… here in the UK you can only choose direct bank transfer and it takes minimum of 4 days

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Thanks for your reply. i hope you get a payout later on today. I have found airbnb to defensive and unhelpful with them blaming PP and vice versa. I was told that the issue may be mine due to my email provider ! go figure. If this is not resolved I intend to cancel forward bookings I have and explain why.

Seems like the solution to all your problems is to avoid Paypal and set up a separate simple savings account. Mine cost me nothing to set up. Get the cheap, simple checks, and write a check for cash when you need it.

I could not count on getting paper checks on time in Hawaii. Just got paid btw, as usual about 4 hours late.

Or a credit union that doesn’t sit on the funds. Whenever we make a withdrawal from PayPal it appears in the CU when the clock strikes midnight.

Same happen to me. I got PayPal to send a email on there letter head to me stating that the amount in question has not been received after a investigation. I got the money two days later

hi there, Did you manage to get your payment issue resolved?
I am experiencing the same problem even though I do not use PayPal, I use direct deposit into a USA bank account.

I have received no email notification that the payout has been sent, and on my Transaction history the payment is marked as being paid by the guest, but not marked as paid out by Air BnB. So it’s pretty clear that Air BnB have missed it.

I cannot find a contact number or email address for Air BnB to raise the issue.

Please can you advise on the correct channel at Air BnB to get this issue resolved?

Many thanks in advance!

Hi Denise,
Sorry to hear about your payment problem. We are not in the US so I am not sure if that makes difference to the way things are managed with Airbnb.
I found the phone number- it was a struggle to find as I recall, but it is on the system maybe under problem solving.
I called them on several occasions until I got someone helpful who looked into it and found that the money was “stuck” at their end. She then got payment facilitated straight away.
My other advice would be to call on a weekday, office hours. I struggled to get a helpful response at other times.
Good luck, I remember this being such a frustrating issue.

hi Annette, Thanks for your update. I should explain that I’m not in the US, even though I get paid into my US bank account. I am in the UK.
If you could possibly send me the phone number for Air BnB I would be very grateful! I can’t find it anywhere on the site.

Thanks in advance,

so, did you finally get paid? I am experiencing same problem in Argentina and airbnb is blaming banks here … but on my bank statement when I received payments before it reads “deposit made at cashier” so I believe airbnb send payments to an office here and somebody makes the deposits at the cashier, which never happened in my case and My money is a month due now. What should I do? I am about to cancel future bookings. I do not know what to do. This sounds like a scam.

I’ve been hosting multiple properties on Airbnb for well over a year and this happens far too regularly. I went 24 days from the date of check in last month waiting on a $2,000 payment. But that pales in comparison to the absolutely Dreadful customer service. No ability to reach a supervisor leads to reps with bad attitudes and extremely cocky demeanors. I would have to rate Airbnb customer service (toward hosts) right there with Comcast for the WOAT.

Airbnb is a great business, with tremendous flaws which are self-evident and practices which are lacking in common sense and accountability.

Someone better turn this ship around.

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Right now, currently I have 20 people in my property for the last 5 days and haven’t been paid due to a complaint from the guests, BUT AIRBNB WON’T TELL ME THE COMPLAINT, Won’t pay me, and the guests are still in my house while not taking my calls!! This is like the twilight zone.

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Kirsty-Jane - Actually I’m in the UK and I get paid via PayPal, not by bank direct transfer

Seems there can be issues with both payment methods …