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Airbnb no longer requiring photo ID?

I was just on the phone to Airbnb because a guest booked without providing photo ID contrary to my booking requirements and also said they booked my place because they won’t have to share facilties (WTF I offer a room in my apartment),

Customer services said guests don’t have to upload a photo unless it is a requirement by the host that one is provided.

I thought everyone had to provide a photo as standard. Is this something new?

Were there other posts about changed verification requirements or photo IDs?

I don’t know if this is related but as I posted in another thread an Air rep called me yesterday and said they are having technical difficulties related to uploading photo IDs.

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Hosts can select GOVT ID as an instant book requirement. Do you have that box checked?

Yes I do, but obviously we can’t see these.

I had thought that both hosts and guests had to upload a photo onto their profile and this is still what it says on Airbnb Help. However customer services told me that guests don’t have to upload photos.

I want to know that the person who books is the one who turns up at my door. I know this isn’t failsafe but having a photo of the person sharing my home makes me feel more comfortable. Also I have it as part of my rules for Instant Book that they do this.

@Helsi. I can not recall any requirement option for IB hosts to check to require a photo. Reviewing that screen again, it just doesn’t exist right now. Government ID and a photo are not the same thing. There is no such thing in the AirBNB vocabulary called PhotoID.

They need a profile photo, however, Airbnb doesn’t require it to be them. It could be a dog, cartoon, waterfall ect… Is this what you are asking?

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As part of Instant Book you can add rules that guests needs to meet in addition to your house rules, as well as questions they need to answer - one of mine is that they have a full face photo of themselves as their profile photo.

I agree government ID and profile photo ID are separate items. That’s why I specify in my IB rules that they have a clear photo of themselves.

He didn’t have a profile photo at all. I thought as you said that they need to upload an image, but according to their customer services not.

@helsi Can you take a screen shot of that area? I don’t see it in my IB “requirements” at all. Could this be different depending on country?

Could be I’ll see if I can find it. It came up when I set up IB>

Ah, that is the post-booking message! That is not a requirement to actually book. I wonder if AirBNB honors this more than “Other Things to Note” in your house rules which they see pre-booking.

It’s actually something they see as part of the booking process rather than post booking I believe. It is part of the booking requirement and customer services confirmed if it was not provided I could cancel the booking.

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I asked Airbnb about the photo requirement in Sept. 2017. Here is their response.

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