Airbnb New pricing initiatives to be effective 12/15/22

Changes coming
From Chesky’s twitter


Couple of things-

From Chesky’s Twitter feed, although taxes are not included in the current total displayed, it is under consideration.

Notice Airbnb will place lower priced rentals high quality higher in the search. (Wonder what he means by high quality)

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In the shareholders report that georgiegirl posted the other day, it indicated that properties with 5* reviews and 5* value ratings would be given search priority.

“We need to help our hosts provide great value to you”. This is such disgusting double-speak. “We are going to force hosts to lower their prices under threat of their listings becoming all but invisible” is the reality.


Yep, that’s exactly what it means!



After booking on a different platform for 6 months & the abundance of new hosts, my listing was invisible. I honestly don’t know how anyone found me but I was booked all summer.

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I’m thinking this might be the key to moving all hosts to including the Airbnb fee in their rates.


Thanks for sharing. I quit Twitter more than 3 years ago so I had not seen this information. You’d think a host would get an email or they’d put up a story on the web platform…geez.

Edit: just found this posted 3 min ago:

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It certainly would make it more palatable.


“We’re providing guidance to Hosts that if they have checkout requests, they should be reasonable”
Great - another “fuzzy” definition for CS to misinterpret. I don’t have an issue with AirBnB setting rules on what the expectations are for hosts to advertise on AirBnB. I do have an issue with vague guidance that will be implemented/penalized at the whim of an untrained CS rep.


I’m sure hosts will say “vacuum the carpets, put the sheets in laundry, mop the floors, wipe down all surfaces, put things where you found them” is reasonable.

Guests will say anything more than lock the door on their way out is unreasonable. But it is completely reasonable to ask for a 7 AM check in and 10 PM check out because they have a red eye flight.


Hopefully these new ‘checkout’ lists will show what a bargain my onsite airbnb is compared to remote management - My checkout list may be nothing, so that will be a competitive advantage. I always resented being lumped in with those hosts who charge hundreds for cleaning and do not schedule the next check in far enough in advance to allow for staff to do the work.


I was wondering the same thing but the exact wording was “The highest quality homes with the best total prices will rank higher in search results.”

So who decides what is the highest quality homes?

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So the guests bill have to put in dates to get the correct pricing? Fees included in the pricing…. Looking more and more like booking.con….

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I suspect quality is a combination of the overall rating and the number of reviews.

So this is where the value rating may come in…?
Once again a host is left hostage to a cheapskate guests review!


It looks good to me. I’ll be closed to all but direct bookings from 15 Dec to 1 Jan so it will be awhile before I can assess any impact on my listing. I don’t have check out instructions other than “lock the door.”


I suspect that “Quality” means virtually nothing in this context. Just more Airbnb sound-good PR.

The link to the Airbnb news release video is posted above with a screen shot of the text article

“High Quality”+ rock bottom prices sure sounds like an oxymoron to me.

Don’t quite see how Chesky thinks an Architectural Digest/Walmart model is supposed to work.

I’ve often wondered the same. The last season before Covid hit, I was doing the best for bookings I’d ever done, even though there was lots more competition, my listing seemed to be pretty buried, really needs much better photos, etc.