Airbnb murder in Melbourne

How horrible is this.

Article seems to have been pulled. Page not found.


this was definitely a creepy story – esp when many previous guests had mentioned that there was a bad vibe and energy in the house… So horrible.

Where does it say that?

Some stories had reported on prior reviews (before AirBNB pulled the listing):

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Will wait with baited breath for the court case, I’ve had a quick search but seems to me many of the reviews referenced things I’ve heard hosts on here complain about (validly) when said about them (unfairly) so not sure what Airbnb could have done? Eg no lock on door and single female felt unsafe; claims of ‘stolen’ items; ‘bad energy’. I like how Airbnb is publicizing ‘we’ve pulled the listing’. I mean durrrrrrrrr a guest was killed in the front yard, this is not a difficult decision. What about background checks of your hosts and paying for the poor dudes funeral???

Airbnb doesn’t care if it works and neither would most guests. It would just be another meaningless badge like Superhost.

Making a prediction isn’t the same as endorsing the outcome.

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True just for show would seem likely.

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