Airbnb more changes

Sigh. I have just noticed today that airbnb have made more changes.
It now gives potential guests the opportunity to click into hosts highest reviews and lowest reviews.
Ive 2 showing. One I wanted buried forever grrrr

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I have just noticed it as well. Couldn’t believe my eyes. The worst review so visible. Are they serious?
Funny thing is my worst review was a girl who wrote me how great I was, then gave me only 3 stars, as the worst review is without stars I am ok. But still, so unfair.


Don’t see that yet here. Are the reviews rated by cumulative stars or overall stars or verbiage?

I thing by the overall rating. It is my only 3stars review.

I definitely like this feature for when I search for listings as a guest. As a host, it was nice that you could have ‘buried’ bad reviews. Luckily, my only 3 star review was only 10 words long and doesn’t actually say anything bad lol

I’m not seeing it here either, at least not on my phone via the app.

It’s terrible for them to do this!!! What new crap will they think of next?!!!


I don’t see this filter yet either. As a guest I love it. As a host I love it as long as I get good reviews. LOL. My one star review is fabulous so if they sort by low stars they will be reading a fantastic review first. So I guess I’m cool with it. Seriously, the farther in the rearview mirror those reviews are, the more unfair they are.


I could cry! Anti- Valentine has come back to haunt me! :fearful:

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I cant see on my phone either, just the laptop

I listened to it. Blah blah lbah lbha blah blah blah blah…

Wants to form a host advisory board - blah blah blah blah blah blah

What was going on in the last part when he was talking about inevitable automation? Is he saying our customer service is soon going to be outsourced to India or the Phillipines?

@Robert_Dudley – Yeah, go ahead and slap him. He got on my last nerve before he finished his spiel.

I’m thinking that to prepare for his talk, he looked in his closet and said, “I’ll wear these soiled pants and the shoes that won’t lace up.”

He’s not a good public speaker (super fidgety) and with me having a short attention span…it’s not a winning combination. Besides, I suspect he has worms.


My first thought was he needed to take a crap but had to finish his 9 minute spiel first. Then when I heard him sniffle I was wondering if he did a couple lines of coke. Yeah he sure was fidgeting around on that stool. Why not walk around the stage if the stool is too uncomfortable? No pun intended. :smile:

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That’s one very 1984ish video. All that talk about community.

do they also show the owner response?

i can’t see this screen – how do you get to this view? I haven’t noticed it on my listing nor when I’ve been searching as a guest.

I was able to find it on some of my listings, and not find it on others. Maybe if you only have 5 star reviews on that listing you don’t see the lowest?
Wish they would put a time limit… a review from 2014 really isn’t all that valid in 2017.
Like others, most of my lowest reviews have words like… “Nice place”, “Luxury…all the amenities! Great location…”, “No problems at all”, “The place is clean, roomy,”

Homeaway/VRBO has almost the same thing for host reviews. You have the ability to filter the reviews by number of stars, and you can see how the overall rating was calculated (is the 4.5 star half 4’s and half 5’s, or 7 five’s and 1 one). Think Amazon - they do the same, too.

Most guests look for trends in the reviews. A bunch of good ones, then one that says “they didn’t tell me they had dogs”, when all the other reviews gush how well-behaved the puppies are, tells the reader more about the guest than the host,

@PitonView let’s hope that’s the case !

So has the bug woman… it’s sooooo unfair of them to do this to us. I HATE how obsessed they are about reviews and their importance, when it’s so easy for guests to write an unfair or inaccurate or totally untruthful review!

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