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Airbnb lets your guests dictate what damages they want to pay? HUH?

So now Airbnb lets your guests decide to pay what ever they want when you file a claim with them. Thank you Airbnb.

You heard that right. I filed a claim for 110$ against a guest, included photos, receipts and the signed rental agreement he agreed to and violated. He then only admits being guilty for 25 dollars of it and that’s what he gets to pay with a handshake from Airbnb. And since he paid, now there is no way to involve Airbnb for a decision.
A quick phone call to Airbnb confirmed that is how their system is now set up and then the Airbnb rep tried to tell me I agreed to the 25$ payment?? Huh? And since I agreed to this there is no way to get Airbnb involved.
I then told the rep that I in no way agreed to this and she sounded confused in her explanation as to what happened.Then after leaving me on hold for 4 minutes she tried to comfort me and by telling me that if I still wanted to file again, I was welcome to. Huh?

The apparent coddling of guests and screwing of hosts by Airbnb is beyond ridiculous.
Fellow hosts, as it is not a question of if, but when someone will cause you extra costs and you file a claim over it, it is something we all should be aware of and let Airbnb we will not stand for it.
Please let us know what you think about Airbnb’s new tactics?
Very sad indeed.

Image of incredible email from Airbnb.

Rmember there are places to report and search for bad guests and or tenants that cause damage to your home. Here are a couple.
and in the Southern California Mountain areas like Big Bear and Lake Arrowhead

I’m wondering if when the guest sent you the $25 offer, you accidentally accepted it? If you had denied it, then it would have gone to resolution and Air would have decided.

Those credit bureaus you reference aren’t going to help be a database for short term guests.

There was no email confirmation or mobile confirmation sent to me.
Look at the email it says “Your Guest Offered a Different Amount” Then it shows the deposit info. What more proof do you need?

The databases I linked to are for bad renters. Short term and long term. They will help who use them.

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