Airbnb keeps on screwing up my listings. What can I do?

We have four listings in Japan and all of them have proper hotel permit/license to operate. Last month, a guest told us he cannot find our listings anymore when he tried to look for room pictures. We checked with Airbnb and they said our listings were delisted due to missing permit info (But the permit info were there on the Regulation page of our listings!) So we re-submitted the permits to Airbnb, they approved the info, we were good for couple weeks. Now we have the same issue again. Airbnb delisted our listings and said we are missing the permit info. This time when we look them up under Regulation section, all our permit info are gone and Airbnb said they have no idea and asked us to resubmit. To make things worse, Airbnb auto cancelled some upcoming reservations. Now the guests are angry at us for last minute cancellations. Airbnb said they have no time frame on when they can resolve this issue. Any suggestion to help us get off this mess is appreciated.


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Try them on their social media.

Use other platforms.

Exactly. Airbnb isn’t the be all and end all of STR.

Yeah, we are using Booking com as well and asking them to re-book over there. Good thing is we can tell the guest to blame on Airbnb and they cannot review us. Bad thing is we will lost some revenues if guests don’t re-book on other platform.