Airbnb just notified me that the NY District Attorney's office requested info about my account?

Has else anyone had this happen? What happened next? Were you raided/inspected, and about how long after the notification?

I thought my listing was legal, but upon further research it would seem that you can only have two guests at a time, and I list multiple rooms in a shared apartment and therefore exceed this.

Even if I shut down immediately, this will be obvious upon the AG’s receipt of my hosting records.

Thanks in advance, this has me very worried.

You should be. I’m not a NYC host but others here have reported fines in the tens of thousands. Do you live in this home and share it with guests?

yes but the 10’s of thousands of dollars of fines seemingly come from building safety violations (my building is very run down, so I assume I am at a great risk of my landloard incurring these fines, and then suing me).

Sorry I can’t help. Perhaps some NYC hosts will see this and chime in.

No, I don’t think so! Please read the thread called Depressing NY hosts meeting or ask BigApple man here.

Wait, are you doing this without your landlord permission?!! Maybe you should head for the border!

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“Maybe you should head for the border” … (I just disturbed others around me with my laugh.)

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Lol! Just a turn of phrase. But seriously, I think there is a lot of hot water ahead for the OP

Which border? I don’t think either neighbor wants any Americans now.


True, our neighbors to the north and south truly hate us and for good reason. After all we are now an authoritarian country that prefers to be aligned with other thugocracies instead of our peaceful neighbors.


I was thinking the Taco Bell border.


Yuck. LOL.

@gd2114, I have never heard about the NY DA requesting information from Airbnb. From my understanding, it has always been the Office of Special Enforcement (OSE) in NYC knocking on your door and giving fines regardless if they gain entry or not.

You can check to see if there is any “violation” on your building by going to the following site and putting in your building information:

The fines that are being imposed are “hotel” safety issues, which makes it incumbent upon us to maintain the same standard for our single listing as a 500 room hotel.

It may be a moot point, since “veto-proof” legislation is in the New York City Council that would force Airbnb to provide the name and address every host that has ANY listing in New York City.

Let me know if you need help looking up your building. You can PM me your address if you’d like.

thanks @bigappledude, my own research has indicated much the same thing, that it’s DOB/OSE that brings the hammer down.
The DA thing makes me think it’s maybe something a guest did. That’s what I’m praying, anyway.

I’m basically just waiting for the phone to ring, at this point.

I’ve looked up everything I can find on my building, which has no meaningful/outstanding violations. Granted I don’t think the DA knows my address, at least not yet.

And we will see what happens with that bill. It seems pretty intrusive to me, and I’m hoping for a higher court to strike it down or something, but who knows.