Airbnb Just Made the Ban on Parties Permanent

Story for New York Times: Airbnb Announces a Permanent Ban on Parties - The New York Times

Nice PR and marketing… we know in reality, they will let things fly as long as they are collecting their fees.


their platform, their rules i guess, and I suppose human behaviour is so out of control this “law” needs to be implemented.

It would be nice if they actually fixed their party algorithm rather than just made a big PR deal about it.

I’ve read so many host and guest posts where the booking was being blocked by that algorithm when the booking wasn’t risky at all. A young family booking to go hiking in the area, good repeat guests, bookings trying to be made weeks before check-in, and for more than one night.

Their party algorithm works about as well as their new categories algorithm.

And then, of course, there are the hosts who have guests slip through their vetting, who they discover are having a party with tons of extra people, call Airbnb in total distress, only to be told by some clueless CS rep that they can’t kick them out, or that the rep will check with someone and call them back right away. Which of course they never do.


Yeah, it’s great they don’t have the option on the search filter but it’s up to hosts to not host parties and to intervene / call law enforcement if things get out of control.

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Like many things, the outliers have spoiled things for many. We used a waterfront Airbnb with the host’s permission for a memorial gathering a picnic for my ex. No one stayed over and we had about 20 well behaved people. This might have been subject to this ban. Still Airbnb won’t kick out the people who don’t follow the rules. The host will still be handling that challenge.