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Airbnb is sending me emails in French


I had to make a resolution request yesterday and when the guest accepted it today Airbnb sent me an email, like always, except it was in French. I don’t speak French and the guest isn’t French and she isn’t in France right now, at least I don’t think she is since she was driving to Houston yesterday. Just another glitch in the platform due to the update? I almost deleted it without reading it due to this. So if you aren’t getting your emails make sure you didn’t delete them because they were in a foreign language.


Wow!!! Sorry I don’t really have anything to add but that… :slight_smile:


I’ve posted a possible reason on another thread “Update to listings; no notifications coming through”. I think there will be more chaos to follow.


I just got a booking confirmation. The dates were in French.


Must be in anticipation of UN headquarters being moved out of New York. Maybe they think it’s going to move to Paris - so they’re making French the new lingua franca!


Me too. Nothing else though, just the dates


I got a confirmation today and everything was in Anglais.


Then how do you know which dates were booked? LOL!!


Europeans use day-month-year for dates, not month-day-year the way most Americans do… Also month names in French are close but not the same as English.


I got an A in French at school :joy:


at least I don’t think she is since she was driving to Houston yesterday.

There’s a Paris in Texas so there should be a Houston (or 'Ouston) in France, à même les choses.

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