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Airbnb is notoriously gracious to hosts


I was doing some research and came upon this article. I have no idea what his source is for this claim.

The host is protected as well, because Airbnb actually protects hosts for up to $1,000,000 worth of damage. That’s right. One million. They’re also notoriously gracious and accommodating to hosts or lessees who have had bad experiences, often donating up to three weeks worth of free stays with Airbnb or offering to change locks, replace belongings, and put the host up in a hotel for free as a consolation.


With these articles floating around in cyberspace it’s little wonder we “entitled” guests as well.


When I saw the post topic I thought “Someone has drunk the kool aid”. Then i saw it was from @K9KarmaCasa and I knew it was too good to be true (or Dusty has been paid off/blackmailed). Who’d have thought they’d “misrepresent” the truth like that. Maybe we expect too damn much.:japanese_goblin:


This article explains what he means. If the guest wrecks some towels and sheets, the washing machine or a bit of furniture and leaves the place smelling of smoke so it needs to be professionally cleaned you might, if lucky, get up to the damage deposit back. But if they wreck the entire house, which is in a very upmarket neighbourhood and it makes it on the nightly news with their name in the tag line then they promise to cover all the the damage, as per the policy they usually ignore.


if you call airbnb, stains on sheets etc…are not covered by the deposit as they are considered like normal business wear and tear…


@JamJerrupSunset there isn’t an article linked here.


Ooops - updated it thks.


And I agree. I don’t think that anyone delicerately stains things. Admittedly, the girls who remove all their makeup, including black mascara and eyeliner, on my pure white towels and face flannels are pretty annoying but I see them as inconsiderate and unthinking rather than committing serious and deliberate damage.

Beds and towels are definitely prone to a wide variety of bodily fluids. That’s what they are there for.

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